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Videos from CppCon 2021

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Super Fast Python

A new website by Jason Brownlee aims...

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Super Fast Python

ProgrammingSuper Fast Python

A new website by Jason Brownlee aims to explain how to write Super Fast Python code.

Brownlee has been a developer for 20 years and has built backend systems in academia, startups, for government, and for private companies.

There’s something about building backenD systems that i really love: large batch processes that run every night, high-performance query processes that must be responsive, complex probabilistic models that need to compute fast.

Jason Brownlee, https://superfastpython.com/about/

Brownlee explains that most people are confused about concurrency in Python. He tends to see comments like “python threads are buggy” and “python can’t do concurrency because of the GIL” and “if you want concurrency, pick another language”.

He begs to differ. Python concurrency is not buggy. Python supports first-class (system-level) threads and processes. Yes, the global interpreter lock was a design decision made in the reference Python interpreter, but it does not prevent the developer from executing tasks concurrently.

You don’t have to “work around the GIL”, you work with the GIL.

Brownlee created this site to “bring the love I have for Python to Python concurrency. I write clear and easy to follow tutorials on Python concurrency to help fellow Python developers bring concurrency to your Python projects. I am here to make Python developers awesome at concurrency!”

The website is available at https://superfastpython.com/

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Videos from CppCon 2021

Super Fast Python

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