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Oleksandr “Alex” Bilokon

Oleksandr “Alex” Bilokon is Chair of the Editorial Board, journalist and columnist of The Thalesians Magazine.

He has over 20 years’ experience working in the shipping services industry, across the global shipping hubs, such as Cyprus, Hamburg, London, and, for the last 11 years, China. He has worked for the industry’s leading supplier, V.Ships, since 1996.

In 1983, Alex graduated with an MSc in Marine Engineering with Distinction from Odessa National Maritime Academy. He joined the Black Sea Shipping Company and progress through marine engineer officer positions to Chief Engineer.

In 1996 he joined V.Ships and gained experience in Cyprus, Hamburg, and London.

In 2006 Alex relocated to Shanghai and became General Manager of China International Ship Management, a joint venture between China Shipping and V.Ships. In 2011 the joint venture expanded its business. By 2015 more shipping companies expanded into Shanghai FTZ. In 2014 and 2015 Alex won V.Group CEO Awards for his contribution to commercial performance and business development.

Dr Paul Alexander Bilokon

Dr Paul Alexander Bilokon is a member of the Editorial Board, journalist, and columnist of The Thalesians Magazine.

He is also CEO and Founder of Thalesians Ltd. Previously served as Director and Head of global credit and core e-trading quants at Deutsche Bank, the teams that he helped set up with Jason Batt and Martin Zinkin. Having also worked at Morgan Stanley (in Andrew Hausler‘s and Nicholas Zinn‘s prime brokerage risk), Lehman Brothers (in Anne Sanciaume‘s FX research and Ronan Dowling‘s FX quants), Nomura (in FX e-trading, under Martin ZinkinAbid Zaidi, and Mark Gardner), and Citigroup (first in FX quants under Sebastian del Bano RollinNigel Khakoo, and Roger Vernon, then in electronic credit and rates trading), Paul pioneered electronic trading in credit with Rob Smith and William Osborn at Citigroup.

Paul has graduated from Christ ChurchUniversity of Oxford, with a Distinction and Best Overall Performance prize. At Oxford he wrote a distinguished project, Bayesian methods for solving estimation and forecasting problems in the high-frequency trading environment, supervised by Daniel Jones. He also graduated twice from Imperial College London. His MSci thesis Visualising the Invisible: Detecting Objects in Quantum Noise Limited Images, supervised by Duncan Fyfe Gillies and Marin van Heel, won him the university’s Donald Davis Prize and the British Computing Society SET Award for Student Making Best Use of IT.

Paul’s lectures at Imperial College London in machine learning for MSc students in mathematics and finance and his course consistently achieves top rankings among the students.

Paul has made contributions to mathematical logic, domain theory, and stochastic filtering theory, and, with Abbas Edalat, has published a prestigious LICS paper. Paul has co-authored several booksMachine Learning and Big Data with kdb+/q (with Jan NovotnyAris Galiotos, and Frédéric Délèze, published by Wiley), and Machine Learning in Finance: From Theory to Practice (with Matthew F. Dixon and Igor Halperin, published by Springer). He is currently working on Python, Data Science, and Machine Learning (to be published by World Scientific).

Dr Bilokon is a Member of British Computer SocietyInstitution of Engineering and Technology, and European Complex Systems Society.

Paul is a frequent speaker at premier conferences such as Global Derivatives/QuantMindsWBS QuanTech, AI, and Quantitative Finance conferences, alphascopeLICS, and Domains.

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