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Did Arthur Whitney just open-source k?

ProgrammingDid Arthur Whitney just open-source k?

The source code of the programming language k (the one behind kdb+/q and Shakti) has been closely guarded by its developer, Arthur Whitney.

Earlier in his career he did release the Inculabulum, which he wrote on one page and in one afternoon.

Many have been trying to reverse engineer k without any luck, as a rule failing to achieve the same level of convenience and performance.

But now, under the “edu” section of the Shakti website, we see k.zip, which is a (minimalistic) implementation of k. Admittedly, this is not the full language but a subset, but the source code is interesting to look at nonetheless, as it embodies Whitney’s trademark concision.

It’s on YCombinator? Then it must be big news!

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